MMT Seminars – Current Course

Current Course

Craniocervicofacial Physical Therapy 1

Objective: This 2-day course has been approved for 15.0 hours through the KPTA and will focus on the Craniocervicofacial (CCF) Complex as well as the TMJ and Upper Cervical Spine.

This is a usable skills course that teaches you to accurately assess and treat dysfunctions of the TMJ, myofascial system, upper cervical systems, and headaches as they relate to patient impairments.

Date:  February 11 -12, 2023

Cost:  $495

Day 1 and day 2 course outline:

Schedule: Day 1

  • Why PT for Craniofacial Pain
  • How to Examine: Pain generators, Headache differential, Cervical Spine Mechanics
  • Lab: Head and neck posture, Palpation of related Musculature, Beighton Hypermobility Scale
  • How to treat: Upper cervical spine, Posture Education-Restoring Lordosis
  • Lab: Upper cervical spine-positional faults, Capsular dysfunction, Soft tissue techniques
  • TMJ Anatomy, Joint Mechanics
  • Lab: AROM, quality of movement, Bony palpation, Muscle Palpation-Myofascial trigger points
  • Questions-Review-Evidence Informed Practice

Schedule: Day 2

  • Questions and Review: upper cervical
  • TMJ Physiology: Mechanics, Disc Displacement, Rocabado Pain Mapping
  • Lab: Objective Assessment, Pain Mapping, Joint Glides
  • What patients look like: Psychosocial factors, Co-Morbidities, Breathing, Sleep, Airway, Tongue
  • Lab: Assessment, Lingual Palatal Seal, Lips, Tongue, Frenulum
  • Review-Treatment Principles
  • Lab: Treatment-Temporalis tendon release, Joint Glides, Disc Recapture, Patient HEP
  • Dental Referral, Other Potential Specialists
  • Practice Eval, Develop treatment plan